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Happy Mother's Day! Hannah's Story: God's Ingredients for Womanhood

Read 1 Samuel Chapter 1

“The rain falls on everyone… but God always provides His umbrella of grace to everyone who would open" it ~Asil Treblig

Hannah was a woman of God. Here are a few things that made her so…

  1. Hannah’s Pain. (v.2,6,7)

  2. Hannah’s Perseverance. (v.3,7)

  3. Hannah’s Plea. (vv.10)

  4. Hannah’s Promise. (v.11)

  5. Hannah’s Provision. (v.20)


  1. Remember a painful time in your life. How did God graciously show up?

  2. Read Romans 5:1-5. How does perseverance help through pain and suffering?

  3. Read Psalms 34:17; 50:15; 56:9. What insights do we gain from these verses?

  4. Read Eccl. 5:4-6; Dt. 23:21-23. What do these verses say about vows?

  5. If you made a vow to God do you have the integrity to keep it? If not what can you do about that?


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