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God's Got Order

Read 1 Peter 2:13-17

“Obedience to God is rarely easy, but its always necessary." - Asil Treblig

Even in times of uncertainty, we need to submit to those in authority over us because our Commander-In-Chief gives us...

1. The _______ for order. (v. 13)

2. The ______ for order. (v. 13)

3. The __________ of order. (vv. 13,14)

4. The ______ for order. (v. 15)

5. The _________ of order. (v. 16)

Going Deeper Questions

1. What does the word submit mean to you? How do you feel when someone says you must submit to someone or something?

2. Read Romans 13:1-7. According to verse one, who is it that has set up every system of government? Is there any system of government that hasn’t been established by God?

3. When we are actively disobedient to the authority over us, who are we disobedient too?

4. Why do you think God is so concerned with us submitting (placing ourselves in proper order) to those in authority over us?

5. What are some areas where and when we should obey God and not man? What scriptures would you use to justify this… ex. Acts 4:18-20?


Blanks: 1. command, 2. motive, 3. boundaries, 4. reason, 5. character


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