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God's Got Trials

(1 Peter 1:6-9)

“God didn’t spare his own son from trials...why would he spare you?" -Asil Treblig

1. Trials are normal this side of eternity.

- They are transitory.

- They are necessary.

- They are painful.

Trials are here so…

2. Our faith may be strengthened.

3. Our faith may be productive.

Going Deeper Questions

1. Remember a time in your own life where you went through a trial. Explain in your own words why a loving God would allow trials to happen.

2. How can we experience joy through trials when trials are often painful and difficult.

3. Read James 1:2-4. According to these verses what do trials bring about, how do you get there, and why isn’t there a shortcut?

4. Can you think of a biblical character that didn’t experience some sort of trial? Name a few that you know went through some and what was the outcome?


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