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Fear Not: God's God Hope

Read 1 Peter 1:3-5 in preparation.

“We don't just believe in hope, we own it!” -Asil Treblig

We can rejoice in God's hope because...

1. The souce of our hope is ________. (vs.3a)

2. The motive of our hope is ________. (vs.3b)

3. The provision of our hope is ________. (vs. 3c)

4. The nature of our hope is ________. (vs.4a)

5. The reality of our hope is ________. (vs.5)

Going Deeper Questions

1. Define biblical hope in your own words.

2. What are some worldly hopes that God never promises us? List some biblical hopes that are kept for us in Heaven that we will never lose.

3. Why is it so hard for us to consistently differentiate between the two?

4. Read Romans 5:1-5. How do we boast in the hope of the glory of God? According to these scriptures, how does suffering in this world produce more hope in us?

5. What are some things you can be hopeful for today? How can we go through this time so that hope won't let us down?


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