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Epic: Stories from the past for today. "The Giant"

Read I Samuel 17

“Can we please stop making David the hero of the story? He tried really hard not to be. It was God all the way!” ~Asil Treblig

To slay our giants…

1. We need a spiritual perspective. (vs.24-26,36)

  • The world sees obstacles.

  • God sees opportunities.

2. We need a practical faith. (vs.32-37)

  • Rooted in personal experience.

  • Rooted in God, not man.

3. We need a humble attitude. (vs.46,47)

  • Focus on God’s glory, not our own.

  • Why do you want your giant slayed?

  1. Remember a time when you faced a big giant in your life?

  2. Did you conquer this giant right away, did it take a while, or are you still battling? What are/were your weapons?

  3. How do we know when we cross the line from trusting God to trusting methods?

  4. Read 1Samuel 18. What further insight can we gain into David and King Saul?

  5. How are you fighting your battles now? Can you relate more to David or Saul? Why?


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