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Epic: Stories from the past for today... "The Arc"

Read Genesis 6-8

“It would not be possible for Noah to do in our day what he was permitted to do in his own… The inspectors would come, official and unofficial, and examine the Ark and make all sorts of objections.” ~Mark Twain

God delivered Noah and his family through the flood because God always delivers His people and…

  1. Noah found favor with God. (6:8)

  2. Noah was righteous before God. (6:9a)

  3. Noah walked with God. (6:9b)

  4. Noah was obedient to God. (6:22; 7:5)

  5. Noah was used mightily by God. (8:21)

  1. Remember a time when you felt God was leading you to do something specific. Explain.

  2. As you read the account of the flood and the ark. What big questions come to mind? Do these questions keep you from believing the event?

  3. Why did God use Noah to accomplish this task? How do you think his family may have been involved?

  4. What must Noah have gone through in the many years it took him to build the ark? What about the year that he was in the ark?

  5. Is God calling you to do something outside your comfort zone?


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