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...With the word 9.29.19

We began a new sermon series entitled "Getting Real", which draws from the Epistle of James. Pastor Craig kicked things off, looking at how we can get real and show our faith in the temptation we're sure to face in life. Read James 1:19-27 in preparation.

“Any featherhead can have confidence in times of victory, but the test is to have faith when things are going wrong and to take the appropriate action”

- Sir Winston Churchill

Get real in RECEIVINg the word by...

1. Being eager to LISTEN.(v.19a)

2. Being slow to SPEAK.(v.19b)

3. Being slow to ANGER.(v.19c)

4. Being rid of IMMORALITY. (v.21)

5. Being open and TEACHABLE.(v.21)

Get real in DOING the

word by...

1. Putting into PRACTICE what you hear.

2. Remembering what you LOOK like to God.

3. Disciplining YOURSELF, loving people,

and being different from the world.


1. Read Ps.40:6; Ecc.5:1; Luke 8:15.

What does God desire more than a sacrifice and why?

2. What can listening better to God accomplish in our lives? Listening better in general?

3. Read Matt.3:1-10. What does repent mean? Why did John come down so hard on the religious leaders?

4. What is fruit? How is it produced and how can we make sure we have it?


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