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...With Prayer 11.24.19

"Getting Real" draws from the Epistle of James. Pastor Craig Gilbert helped us look into what it looks like to be REAL with prayer.

Read James 5:13-20 in preparation.

“Every time we pray we are changed, our attitude, our perspective, our very heart and soul, not just sometimes but every time, and the amazing thing is we don’t pray more.”

-Oswald Chambers

We should pray….

1.In times of affliction.

· Pray… speak out to God.

2.In times of peace.

· Sing… Psalms of praises to God.

3.In times of weakness.

· Call the elders to anoint you and pray.

· Then you will be well, encouraged and lifted up.


1. Do you consider prayer to be an important part of your life? Why?

2. Read Phil.4:6,7. What is the one thing this verse guarantees us?

3. Read 1Kings18:16-46. What was Elijah’s main emphasis in his prayers?

Do your prayers have that?

4. Read 2Chronicles 7:14. What are three things God will do when we pray?

5. What are three things we have to do in order for God to do the above?


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