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...With God's Will 11.10.19

"Getting Real" draws from the Epistle of James. Pastor Craig Gilbert helped us look into what it looks like to be REAL with the will of God.

Read James 4:13-17 in preparation.

“Obedience to the will of God is the highest form of worship”

- Asil Treblig

Get real with God's will...

1. By valuing what God wants. (v.13a)

2. By not ignoring what God wants. (v.13b)

3. By embracing who God is. (v.14)

4. By obeying what God wants. (v.15)

5. If you don’t…it’s sin. (v.17)


1. Remember a time when you knew you were outside of God’s will.

How did you know or find out? How did you feel?

2. What are some things we know, as believers, to be God’s will for our life?

Read 1 Thes. 4:3; 5:16-18 for help.

3. Read Phil.2:12,13. How would you compare “working out our salvation”

to doing God’s will?

4. How does God work in us to accomplish His will?

5. What plans are you making now….are you involving God? How?


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