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Unprecedented Love

Read John 3:16-21

“There are a lot of things to ponder in this life, but nothing as full of wonder as the love of God.” -Asil Treblig

God’s love shown to us through the incarnation and the gift of His son is amazing and from this love we learn….

1. Love is an ______ to be seen.

  • Love is seen louder than it is heard.

  • Love always takes the initiative.

2. Love is a ____ to be received.

  • Love has no strings attached.

  • Love is selfless and sacrificial.

3. Love is a ____________ to be considered.

  • Love will change your life.

  • Love can change others.

Going Deeper Questions

1. Remember a time when you didn’t feel loved by someone. What did it look like and how did you feel?

2. Read 1John 4:7-12. What does it mean that God is love? How did God show His love for us?

3. In the above verses are there any strings attached to God’s love? Describe God’s love in your own words.

4. Read 1John 4:13-21 verses if we have experienced God’s love what must we do and how does that make love complete?

5. Who can you show the love of God to this week? Make a plan and do it!


Blanks: action, gift, game-changer.


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