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Unprecedented Joy

Read Luke 2:8-20

“Continual joy in your heart can kill the pain of any moment.” -Carlos Santana

We as God’s people have great joy in…

1. Being _______ by a Savior.

2. Being ________ by a Savior.

3. Being __________ by a Savior.

4. Being _______ by a Savior.

Going Deeper

1. What does joy mean to you and what does it look like in your life?

2. Is joy different than happiness? Explain.

3. Read John 16:16-24. How many times is joy mentioned? Why does Jesus say “no one will take away your joy?”

4. Read John 15:9-11. What is joy related to in this verse and what does it mean for our joy to be complete?

5. How can you be more joyful today and who needs to see it?


Blanks: reached, redeemed, reconciled, renewed.


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