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Theology 101: God Is... So, We Are... (8.27)

Read Ephesians 2:11-18

“As Christians, we have to actively strive for unity because the Devil is working so hard against it.” ~Asil Treblig

God is… gracious, peaceful, full of goodness, generous, sovereign, loving, inclusive, relational, forgiving, all-knowing, all-powerful, a promise keeper, glorious, merciful, just and…

1. Peaceful. (vs.14)

So, in Christ we are… saints, full of faith, immeasurably blessed, chosen, adopted, redeemed, forgiven, wise, understanding, hopeful, heirs with Christ, sealed with the Holy Spirit, a reflector of God’s glory, saved and…

2. Unified with a common past.

  • Without fellowship and peace.

  • Without hope and God.

3. Unified with a common experience.

  • The atonement.

  • Our reconciliation.

4. Unified with a common purpose.

  • God’s glory.

  • God’s fellowship.

  1. Remember a time when you really felt like you were unified with a group of people. What did it feel like and why?

  2. When we talk about unity in the church, what exactly are we unified in?

  3. Read Ephesians 4:1-6. According to these verses what unites us and why?

  4. Read Phil.2:1-11. According to these verses what is the key to unity and who is our ultimate example?

  5. Are you in unity with God? What about your fellow believers?



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