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God's Got Blessings (Parts 1 & 2)

Read 1 Peter 2:4-12

“God is continually showering us with grace….don’t let it go down the drain." -Asil Treblig

We are a blessed people because we are:

1. __________ with Christ. (v.4)

2. __________ with Christ. (v.5)

3. __________ for Christ. (v.5)

4. __________ in Christ. (v.6)

5. __________ by Christ. (v.9)

6. __________ with Christ. (v.9)

7. __________ for Christ. (v.9)

8. __________ by Christ. (v.10)

9. __________ of Christ. (v.11)

Going Deeper Questions

1. Do you feel it is more of a burden or more of a blessing to be a Christian? Explain.

2. Remember a time when you felt the blessings of God. Were they tangible blessings like provision and health, or were they intangible like forgiveness and hope. Why are these two categories different?

3. Write down some blessings we can experience that we aren’t promised. Then write down some we are.

4. Read Ephesians 1:3-14, then count your blessings.

5. How can you let faith and the certain hope of God’s blessings counter act fear during this time?


Blanks: 1. United, 2. Raised, 3. Living, 4. Secure, 5. Chosen, 6. Royalty, 7. Separated, 8. Possessed, 9. Examples.


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