The plan is the way that we accomplish our mission.


Getting people connected is to often left to chance in the church. We need to be intentional. You may think bringing people to your church is difficult, but retaining them is even more difficult. Our goal is to connect people to an environment that builds trust and respect for all to share God’s love.


We live right in the middle of the world’s biggest mission field; we don’t have to go into all the world, the world is all around us. Local churches are only reaching 35 percent of the U.S. Population. Our end goal is to get people out of the church making an impact for the Kingdom.


The first step in growing an effective church is to gather people. The Invite Team is responsible for equipping the congregation and doing whatever it takes to ensure there is a steady stream of new people coming to Christ and into the Kingdom.


At Haven Church we are not satisfied with just coming to church. Equip is the life long transformation of the heart into Christ-likeness. We are apprentices of Jesus who is training to live in the kingdom of God and is inviting and teaching others to do the same. Currently, here at Haven, we have a very intentional pathway of becoming more like Jesus.

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