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What Are You Thinking?

Read Matthew 5:27-32

“Everything we do has its birth place in the mind.” ~ Charles Spurgeon


1. Do not commit ______________________________.

- This ensures the protection of marriage.

- This ensures the protection of families.

- This ensures the protection of individuals.

2. Do not even ______________________ about it.

- It’s okay to look admiringly.

- It’s not okay to lust after another person.

- It’s not okay to justify it . . . or promote it.


3. Continually transform your _________________.

- Every sin committed begins in our mind.

- Practice spiritual mortification.

- Feed the Spirit not the flesh.


- Make a covenant with your eyes.

- Make a plan ahead of time.

- Be brutally honest with yourself and others.


1. Have you ever been directly affected by marital unfaithfulness? Explain.

2. Who does adultery affect and why does God make a pretty big deal about it?