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What Are You Thinking?

Read Matthew 5:27-32

“Everything we do has its birth place in the mind.” ~ Charles Spurgeon


1. Do not commit ______________________________.

- This ensures the protection of marriage.

- This ensures the protection of families.

- This ensures the protection of individuals.

2. Do not even ______________________ about it.

- It’s okay to look admiringly.

- It’s not okay to lust after another person.

- It’s not okay to justify it . . . or promote it.


3. Continually transform your _________________.

- Every sin committed begins in our mind.

- Practice spiritual mortification.

- Feed the Spirit not the flesh.


- Make a covenant with your eyes.

- Make a plan ahead of time.

- Be brutally honest with yourself and others.


1. Have you ever been directly affected by marital unfaithfulness? Explain.

2. Who does adultery affect and why does God make a pretty big deal about it?

3. In Matthew 5:27-30 Jesus says even if we look at someone lustfully it’s the same as adultery. How do you feel about that and what is Jesus getting at?

4. If committing adultery is a matter of the heart was other sins should we be concerned about and why?

5. Read Romans 12:1,2. What does Paul mean to re new your mind? How can we do that? What will it bring about?


Blanks: adultery, think, mind.


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