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Real Christmas: Zechariah & Elizabeth

Read Luke 1:5-25

Zechariah and Elizabeth…

  1. They had real names. (v.5)

  2. They had real faith. (v.5,6)

  3. They had real problems. (v.7)

  4. They had real answers. (vv. 8-17)

  5. They had real doubt. (v.18)

  6. They had real hope. (v.25)


  1. Remember a time when you were in a hopeless situation. How did it turn out?

  2. Why might it be harder to have hope during this time of year or even now with the current state of the world?

  3. Read Isaiah 40:28-31. What insights about hope can we gain from these verses?

  4. Read Hebrews 6:13-20. What additional hope can we gain from these verses.

  5. It what specific ways can you be more hopeful?


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