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The Blessings of Poverty and Sorrow

Read Matthew 5:1-4

“The sermon on the mount is the perfect standard for a perfect life.” -St. Augustine


We can have God’s ________ when we acknowledge our _________ and genuinely _____ over it. Then, we will be inhabitants of God’s Kingdom and will be _________.


  • Are you ______ in the approval of God?

  • Humility and our sin led Jesus to the cross. The same things should lead us there as well.


  • Is your ________ showing through?

  • Are you _____ to forgive and be gracious?

Going Deeper

  1. Remember a time when you didn’t feel very blessed by God. What happened?

  2. According to Matthew 5:1-4 what are the requirements for God’s blessings and what does the blessing look like?

  3. Read Romans 14:16-18; Mt.6:28-34; Luke 17:21. What do these verses tell us about the Kingdom?

  4. Read 2 Cor.1:3,4; Psalm 119:50; Rev.21:3,4. How does God comfort His children according to these verses?

  5. How do you need comfort from God today? Ask Him for it and trust that He will give it to you!


Blanks: approval, depravity, mourn, comforted, living, humility, quick.


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