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Blessed are the Merciful and Pure in Heart

Read Matthew 5:7-8


We have God’s approval...

1. When we are _________________,

-__________________, _____________________.

2. Only then, can we be _______ of ___________


3. When we are ______________ in our _________ to God,

4. Then, we will see God, ___ and _______.


  • What evidence is there in your life that you have received mercy?

  • What do you need to change so you can be single-minded in your devotion to God? Priorities? Distractions? Focus?


  • Do you look for opportunities and encourage others to be merciful?

  • Are you taking the steps that are needed to see God?


Blanks: actively merciful, Not just a feeling, it is taking action, assured, God's Mercy, Showing mercy is evidence that we have received mercy, single-minded, devotion, now, forever.


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